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The average dog owner throws away over 1000 bags per year. Do you toss them in the trash? Poop bags are not created equal, and your choice can make a difference. GreenLine Poop Bags are Mother Earth-approved. Learn more at The Poop Bag Dilemma.

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Rooted in an over 40-years custom and artistic production tradition, Forged & Formed exists to celebrate and mark special moments in the lives of our pets and families with beautifully crafted and authentically imprinted jewelry and metals. As the originators of custom, print-based jewelry, we can craft our pieces with a nose, paw, finger or any print you can imagine (really, any print—we’ve done claws, beaks, feet, etc.) We can also create a line of jewelry for an affinity group, corporate brand launch, or to help commemorate a special event. Ask us anything—our U.S. based team loves a challenge and looks forward to designing and forming your unique keepsake, all from our Great Lakes based retail and manufacturing facilities. Use Promo Code 10FORPAF


Augie Bone

As we began to formulate and develop, we looked at the science behind what made dogs enjoy their toys. We also asked how we could protect the environment and applied those same safety standards. Everyone at Augie Bones® remains committed to help build not just a brand, but a category of sustainably made plant-based toys and products in the Pet Industry.  Our goal is to be the cornerstone of change for Pet Industry sustainable material innovations.

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CBD Dog Health’s Founder and Formulator, Angela Ardolino, knew the profound benefits of using CBD-rich hemp oil to help treat medical issues from her own experience with rheumatoid arthritis. Once Angela learned this same, amazing, natural plant can help her animals too - everything changed! The only problem was, when Angela tried to find a safe, vegan, non-GMO, full-spectrum product formulated specifically for dogs, she realized something: There wasn’t any. Even worse, the few products she could find on the market contained industrialized hemp oil from other countries and lacked regulation and strict standards. So, she decided to change that. After getting her professional certification in Medical Cannabis biology and therapeutic uses from the University of Vermont College of Medicine - Angela created CBD Dog Health, with a full line of Full Spectrum CBD products designed with your pet in mind! CBD Dog Health’s products are carefully formulated with all-natural ingredients and full-spectrum cannabinoid blends, so there is something here to benefit every pet. In addition, we guarantee potency and purity through third-party lab testing.


Bandana Bowl EASILY unfolds into a portable WATER BOWL! OR dip in the water - fill inside with ice, and the Bandana doubles as a Cooling Collar! Bandana Bowl was invented to fill the need for a portable water or food bowl that doesn’t need to be carried separately. It’s non-toxic, washable inside is specially sewn to be water-tight, and lasts a lifetime. Stylish and practical, Bandana Bowl makes a great gift.


Bandana Bowls

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