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Senior Pet Adoption Essentials & Benefits

There are few things more fulfilling than enhancing the golden years of a pet’s life with unconditional love and care. When adopting a senior pet, you're making a compassionate decision that comes with a special set of benefits and responsibilities. One of those essential responsibilities is ensuring that your time-honored companion has a pet insurance plan to protect them - and you! offers comprehensive coverage designed to meet the specific needs of senior pets. Here's why adding a senior pet makes your home (and the world!) a better place, and why securing pet insurance through is crucial when making an older cat or dog part of your family.

Benefits of Adopting a Senior Pet:

  • Moderate Energy & Temperament: Senior pets are typically calmer and require less stimulation than puppies or kittens. This can be perfect for people with a more relaxed lifestyle or those who prefer less walking and more cuddle time.

  • Known Personalities: Senior animals know who they are, and know what they like and dislike. When a pet has a history and well-established personality, this can make it easier to find a pet parent or family that fits.

  • Less Training: Senior pets are often already house-trained and have basic obedience skills, reducing the time you have to spend guiding their behavior and fast-tracking the fun part of pet parenting.

  • Saving Senior Pets Feels Good: Adopting a senior pet can save their life while enriching yours. Senior pets often display a deep sense of gratitude and affection towards their compassionate pet parents. Plus, by adopting a senior pet, you free shelter space for other animals in need in your community.

Why Pet Insurance through is Crucial for Senior Pets:

  • Specialized Care: Senior pets often require specialized care for age-related health issues such as arthritis, diabetes, or heart disease. provides customized coverage for these conditions, helping you manage the costs of regular visits and ongoing treatments.

  • Unexpected Expenses: Just like all pets, senior pets can face sudden health issues or accidents. Pet insurance from ensures that you're financially prepared to handle these unexpected expenses, so your senior pet receives the immediate care they need, right when they need it.

  • Financial Peace of Mind: As pets age, their medical expenses often increase. Pet insurance allows you to budget for your senior pet's healthcare costs, providing peace of mind and reducing financial stress as your pet basks in their later years.

Senior pets have an adoption rate of only 25%, compared to the 60% adoption rate of younger dogs, according to PetPardon. Adopting a senior pet is a rewarding experience for everyone involved - so this National Adopt A Shelter Dog Month, consider providing a better life for a new, seasoned companion. They’ll surely do the same for you!

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